Living Dreams

Every now-and-then I am blessed with a dream like the one I just woke up from. A dream where everything feels like real life.

I was dreaming that I was at the fair with my kids, and my son needed to use the restroom. I didn’t take him to the public restroom, I took him home. How did we get there? I have no idea, “dream magic,” I guess. One moment we were at the fair, and then magically we were home.

The beauty of these dreams is in their simplicity. In real life dreams nothing seems out of the ordinary. If I dream of my house it looks exactly as it does in real life. There are no strangers present, or people posing as someone I know. No one is flying, or speaking a language I don’t understand. These dreams are, for the most part, absent of fantasy. These dreams just . . . are. It feels as if I have found a better version of my actual life.

During a real life dream, I let everything slide. I don’t let “dream magic” distract me, and I never stop to second guess the little oddities that occur. I just take my time to experience the beauty that these dreams bring. These dreams are always interrupted by a kid, or a dog, or loud noise. I never purposefully wake myself up from these real life dreams.

On the flip side, in a nightmare, when “dream magic” is obviously at work, my conscious mind always begins to scream, “It’s a dream, WAKE UP!” And, of course, I wake up because who wants to be in a dream that is not pleasant? I find it very interesting that I always wake myself up during “scary dreams.” Interesting because, in a dream, I can literally do anything; the experience is not real, it’s a figment of my imagination.

So why wake up? Why not face those fears head on in a place where nothing can really hurt me? Why am I running from imaginary monsters? Why do I become so powerless in my nightmares that when the darkness rolls in I allow it to consumes everything in its path?

Most of my nightmares play out in dim, faded colors. The lights go almost completely out, it is like I am looking through a dark midnight fog. Many of the surroundings in my nightmares appear wet, the ground, walls, everything looks like it has just rained. I’m normally scared of something that I can not see, or someone who I know.

My fear will build until I become powerless against an overwhelming negative energy. I will try to speak, but my voice won’t work. I will try to run, but I won’t be able to move. I become completely incapacitated. In the back of my dream I can feel myself asking “why?” and all I want to do is fight but I can’t. I struggle until I can’t take it anymore, until I finally realize there is a way out, and that is when I hear myself calling “WAKE UP!”

I’ll wake up breathing heavily, trembling, verbally reassuring myself it was just a dream. In the aftermath of these nightmares, I will lay awake trying to make sense of it; wondering why I was just attacked by someone I love, wondering why my voice didn’t work, why I couldn’t move? Wondering why I care?

It was just a dream.

Why am I spending any time trying to pull myself together after experiencing something that is simply the equivalent to watching a movie? Why do dreams shake me to my core? Why do I literally feel powerless even hours after?

When I dream about real life, like the dream about the fair, why do I wake with a smile on my face, and a longing to return?

What am I longing to return to? Obviously, I am not hoping that I can time-travel to my house to use the restroom in real life. The ability to avoid public restrooms is pretty low on the scale of things I would wish for, but the clarity of these dreams regardless of the theme calls to me. Unlike, the cloudiness of my nightmares, it’s a clarity that whispers “anything is possible.”

It is possible, that when I am dreaming, my body is resting, but my soul is traveling through gateways to other dimensions.

It is possible, that dreams are tapping into these other dimensions of existence. I picture these other dimensions as layers of film. Picture an old reel of film, stretched out until the end of time, and one after another stacked on top of each other, spinning forwards and backwards, distorting time. How many? Countless

Some layers of existence are better than the one you are experiencing right now, and some are worse.

The waking reality is the layer of existence we live in. Reality is the life our conscious minds have chosen to experience.

Think about that. Think about the possibility of it, not the probability. The possibility that we are living in one version of existence, one out of an infinite number of possibilities.

Now focus on that possibility, let it stretch your mind. No matter what you actually believe, it is okay to allow your mind to entertain a theory for just a little bit. Just imagine this theory being true.

Imagine that out of an infinite amount of options, the life you are living now is the life you want to live. This reality, your perceived reality, is quite possibly your best option. Don’t laugh at it, dismiss it, or feel threatened by it. And if you don’t like it, WAKE UP!

I started applying this theory to my life after waking from sleep. During those waking moments I began feeling that my dreams affected me so strongly, not because my subconscious was playing out my fears or my desires, but because I was actually somewhere else. Not my body, or my mind, but my soul, the very essence of my being was tapping into the vastness of the universe.

This is how my journey to living NOW started. It started with me recognizing that life/existence/what we call reality, is much larger and more complicated than ever imagined. That like a dream, I could at many moment wake up to something new.

I can explore, wonder, and dream. But it is my actions that create my destiny; it is where I put my energy that brings a layer of existence to life. I choose to wake here, on Earth where we all put energy forth to create a collective experience. 

Creating your own reality isn’t about living in the clouds, ignoring truth, or pretending that life is a dream. It is accepting that at anytime you can wake up and do exactly what you want to do. There is nothing in your unconscious mind that can keep you from living this life — the one that you chose — to the fullest. 

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