Created with Love

Gently press your lips against mine.
Close your eyes
Do you see it?
That’s the flowering of the universe my dear.
We did that
Opened the gate to all of existence.
I love when you whisper to me about how familiar this enchantment is.
It is the same sensation as having venom pulsing through your veins.
It’s a type of infection.
The devotion you feel for me is mirrored by indifference
I already know
You don’t have to describe it to me with empty words from your delicate mind.
I already know
I am your reminder
Helping you laugh
while you cry inside.
The truth is I’m tired of performing.
Maybe you’ll never tire.
Maybe you enjoy the game.
It’s okay, just don’t bait me to play.
If you love me
Keep focusing on me
Look into my eyes
Yes, I’m smiling my dear
but my demons are peeking out from inside.
Can you see me now?
Am I coming in clear?
Tune me in
Hear me loud
I neither love or need you.
I neither hate or wish you harm.
I just beg this version of you to disappear.
I can be your angel or your devil.
But I will wear no disguise
dress-up is for children my dear
So take off your mask with me
How does that feel?
Maybe now you’ll see
Maybe now you’ll know
Your lips will never be forever, if you always choose to forget.

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