The Positive Head Podcast

For the past few weeks I have been filling my head with positivity all thanks to The Positive Head Podcast. The Positive Head podcast is hosted by Brandon Beachum, an awe inspiring podcaster who is spreading consciousness awareness and positivity.

Like so many good finds, The Positive Head Podcast, was suggested to me by a dear friend during a time when I was wallowing in a cycle of depression. I didn’t second guess whether the podcast would be interesting to me or not, the name was enough for me to immediately subscribe and listen.

I listened to Episode 438 first, where Brandon talks about synchronicity, and one’s ability to harness the power to rewrite the next chapter in their life. I was instantly hooked as the theme song started for the podcast, singing “I love you so so so so much”, that was exactly what I needed to hear.

My mind began to drift into a deeply connected state as I listened to Brandon’s joy filled voice on the intro. As he spoke, I heard a small voice in the back of my mind whispering, “see you are not alone”.  I sat and listened to the 36 minute podcast with tears streaming down my face.

So many times before, I have read, listened, talked about, thought about, and focused on; changing the story in my head to affect my perceived reality.  It seemed that no matter how hard I tried to apply this knowledge I fell short.  I was stuck on repeat.

Understanding but failing to act.  Listening to that podcast, at that moment, shook me as if I was remembering a long lost memory.  It was a relief to remember that even when I am suffering through low points, even when my words are stuck in my brain or throat, even when I am paralyzed with fear and worry, it is ok.

It is ok because everything unfolds in the perfect time and I can rewrite my story at any moment.  The only thing I am waiting on is me.

I hope you find the time to give The Positive Head Podcast a try, there are literally hundreds of awesome and inspiring podcasts available right at your fingertips.  Enjoy and have a wonderful week.


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