Wake Up

To those of you who can hear
let me ask you a question
built of words given to me by the fabric of time
not by my mind
who by the way creates realities built on lies.

As you contemplate your answer do yourself a favor
Let it come sweetly
Allow yourself to fall into truth
It’s a journey you’ll add nothing to
A path honored by the light
The only force who knows deception before it enters your mind.

To those of you who own a mirror
be brave and look away
Get close enough to see it blur.
Lose sight as you drift
and watch closely
as distance loosens your pain.

As your anticipation grows and your answer forms
do someone else a favor
not me, because I deserve nothing from your existence as it stretches over mine.
Soon you will find a name to label.
Then begins the battle of your heart
and someone else’s ego.
Accept that definitions of these words
lose all meaning once they exit your mind.

To all of those who feel a vibration beating in their hearts
ask yourself in quiet time to define anything.
That could be a start.
Sit with your imagination as you would a wounded love
and baby it with your eyes.
Take care of this existence for its perception creates a weak mind.

As your curiosity mounts I will wait in the wings
cross my fingers under my heart
close my eyes
hold my breath…
I will wait patiently under the stars
Listening closely as your heart beats faster matching the pace of mine.
I will wait speechlessly for your lies.

To all of you with an answer
hold it tight
squeeze hard
the force applied won’t effect its truth for only you can decide
What is right or wrong and if others can see you
even without their eyes.

As you wake up my love
decisions will dissipate.

Did you know life’s strings are played in the tone you’ve chosen
even when you’ve claimed,
to have kept your fingers far away?

As you wake up my love
Your words become a soup
ideas mixed with feelings
past with the present
and the future pretending to be any Thing.

life’s final story is told
even without your hand
each cord being played
harmonizing only with the land.

As you wake up my love
keep your heart open
and never stop answering

The question you ask?
What is the most important thing in all of the universe?

My answer?
I am not embarrassed to say
it took me life times to understand
this one simple thing
look here I am holding it in my hand.
This feeling that we’ve tried to capture in our verbal land.
This experience that belongs to no definition, no structure, and definitely no man.
This vibration that was never created because it is the creator.


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