What Do You See

We unzipped our identities and hid them under the rocks
We didn’t speak of leaving them there, I believe we all just needed some distance
No more names
No more faces
No more you and me
Throw the red light on, and um, I believe the noun is stop.
Ceases to exist in any sense.
Don’t ask me about reality
You know that place with bills, topped with insecurities
Let us spread, as far as anyone can see
Let us drip from the sky as things do, you know, things masquerading as stars.
Clever I would say
To those balls of dancing spirits
Swirling deep inside each mind
Hidden on the surface
Drifting beside one another, any other, that crosses this path
Let us be
Or let us see
For some reason my human has no in-between
Let us mold our existence into every second of a some made up infinity
Cycle it through
Don’t stall in a loop
Doing more than tasting life’s fruits
Fluctuation between, um, well, I guess anything.
Trying to stop that unnecessary wonderment, of, do we ever really see anything?
Kisses goodbye often come too soon.
Leaving me here, still.
And wandering
Absent of being
Blank on return
More whole than misplaced memories
More secure than drifting lost in a wild sea
Less worried than anyone could be
Harboring the fear and excitement, the anticipation of reuniting…
that my love, has yet to been seen.

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