Romancing The Universe

Did I hear you calling my name?
A secret voice whispering deep inside my brain.
Was I diluted to feel you move softly up my spine?
I let fear seep in.
I let myself repeat. This reality, is literally pronounced never.
I still can’t recall how you arrived.
Recreation is impossible
Patience won’t do me any good.
I just miss you
I miss our last moment
Here’s me wondering, if you were ever really there.
I am probably wrong
And normally am.
Why don’t you answer me when I whisper softly into the air?
because I am rarely silent
and often unclear
I am running, eyes sealed, frantic for you.
I assume, you are looking for some thing different.
I assume, you are waiting for me to sleep.
It’s the easiest way to wipe my memory.
You are my ocean
the gentle waves smoothing out the sand.
You are my moon and stars.
You are my universe that I can’t bring myself to understand.

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