There is Never a Calm

I misplaced myself for a while.
Feeling pretentious and full of shit.
Allowing my own judgments to cloud my mind and shut everything out.
During this time I was very convincing.
But on the surface there was a crack.
I saw it.
I saw the light.
I saw the storm raging toward me.
I picked at it.
I let the storm in.
Slowly I was taken by the wind, and the water, and the light.
I was taken in.
And I saw it.
Or what I called “living.”
I saw the games.
I saw the story of a human split in two.
I saw the struggle.
I let it make me sad.
I let it make me still.
I sat in the storm.
I sat and I asked myself…
“How? How do I make sense of these two worlds? How do I make sense of this inside and this outside?”
I sat, and repeated this until I was lost.
I sat, until every path was wiped clean and I was stranded.
I sat, until I finally let myself be swept away.
And as I tumbled, I saw the light.
It beckoned me.
It said, “I am always here.”

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