Sleepless Mind


take me.

Treat me well.

Wrap me in that warm circular rush and drown my voices until they can’t speak.

Take me.

Take my soul.

Love me.

Show me home.

Sleep now, dear body, stop struggling.

No answers follow heavy eyes.

No worries heal with a tired mind.

Hush now, body,

remember you’re not in control.

Allow someone else to reset your soul.

Lets do silent work.

Let sleep take control.

Our mouth-less captain, our mother made of gold.

Flesh and bone aching now.

Wondering which pill can take me now.

Calm yourself mind.

Sleep well now body.

And remember, without me you’re useless and powerless and clouded and small.

Tired eyes, stinging,

like bees live behind your lashes.

Restlessness and hopelessness holding hands,

creating lasting friendships,

living in comfortable lands.

Waiting with eyes wide,

wondering with a busy mind.

Frustration and weariness kissing behind your back,

making love in a place you’ll never get back.

Sleep now body,

why are you holding on?

like a baby who is too interested in what’s going on.

Let me tell you baby,

you won’t miss a thing.

Let me tell you baby,

that body of yours, that silly body, that lost piece of flesh,

that is always waiting and wanting something that is hid.

That thing,

that is not in control.

Listen to me baby, it’s ok to sleep now.

Hear me my love,

I am yelling at you now.

We are waiting here in the heavens to hold you now.

Listen body,

we ask you to please sleep.

For the soul will grow weak,

as you struggle manically against gravities peak.

You sleepless, you lost, you numbed out human zombie.

The universe is whispering ever so softly,

sleep my loves come back to me.

Sleep…so that everyday you wake, you can see more of me.

More of me boasting my beauty and singing your praise.

Sleep well my lovelies for our answers do not lie within this frame.

Sleep and let go baby,

let yourself drift away from the illusion of control.

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