I am gripped by waves of reality.

I can feel the nails

of both angels and devils

scratching through me.

Like blood,

I feel life draining from me.

I’m spiraling.

Riding high on unicorn wings.

Fingertips soaking up rainbows.

Sunbeams seeping out of me.

Hurricane winds fanning a fire

buried deep within me.

Fractal pieces breaking off

and sailing into the distance

of unknown realities.

Laughter from natures sweets.

Come on down now beauty queen.

Wading barely below life’s baseline.

Pulling free from the heaviness

of someone else’s reality.

Sorrow mirrored in my own mind,

to teach me lessons beyond what we can see.

Drowning in heavy pressures,

barely grasping at imaginary stresses.

Sink lower you fool

you haven’t even felt the bottom yet.

Did you feel that?

That cosmic push?

Forcing you to remember

rocks are the universe’s

secret treasure.

Come on,

deeper gorgeous,

suffering suits you.

Hold your breath if you think it helps.

Funny thing baby,

here comes another whisper.

Listen closer than before

my sweet

for this dimension fades

much quicker.

Ready now,


you’ll never reach any version of heaven or hell.

So go ahead and struggle with the belief of fantasy.

Dangled up too high to remember that earth was created by like matter and sex’s energy?

No point in choosing,

we can’t talk with words when interacting with someone else’s memories.

See my love nothing really exists.


Hooked up back to natures IV.

Kisses brushing my skin gently.

Waves of reality cradling me.

These are secrets that never seem to keep.

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