Letters to a Ghost #1

You are an interesting human. Or soul, whichever your prefer. There might be built up confusion living inside of your heart and mind. A longing for a connection that only exists when harmony strikes loudly between all dimensions. When nothing is in control, especially you. Will you then find what you are searching for?

What is it I see…no…what is it I sense? Is it real or imaginary.

That is up to you.

As it is up to me to shine and embrace myself.

Months have passed where I have lived in a dimension that no human could belong. A mystical moment in my mind. A creative sanctuary where others are never invited.

Without my knowledge you showed up and matched my light and lived in my space and hid in my heart.

My human mind has the power to destroy where we live, with fear, and guilt and a sick obsession with time. Worrying about everything in my path. Seeking something that does not belong to me.

My ego…my human nature, my existence is torn and vacant and confused. I know nothing has changed but life has moved. Time has continued as an illusionary line even as we struggle against its magnetic pull.

My heart remains but it is slowly losing control.

I’ve allowed it. Lied to myself, saying I did’t welcome it. But it’s insistence is more than I can stand.

Invaded. Overwhelmed. Overcome. Over myself.

We are all interesting humans, but you my love, you are something different. Something that was plucked from a place I know. I understand. A place I have been many times before.

You are familiar and strange and I always want more.

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