Letting Go of Fear

I tend to be away for days

Because you’ve push me into the sea repeatedly.

I used to believe that the salt sting was for me.

You tend to use the wind to create extra space.

You call it the natural flow.

I used to dance with your hands in my hair

Because you told me

you liked me wild.

I used to believe the kicked up dust in my eyes was my destiny.

The flowers miss me

The birds follow me home

The leaves beg me to crumple them under my feet

The wind lifts my shirt and tickles my skin

trying to get me to stay.

You tend to be away from me for days

that show themselves as years

Because you have learned how easy it is

to replay my happiness.

I used to wait on tears

I used to hang on unspoken words

I used to build my fantasy

I used to repeat my dreams

and cheat myself into reality.

Because I never learned how to see beyond

my little world.

I thought the stars spelt out, “stay right here.”

I was wrong.

But…The sea! And the wind! And the birds! And the dust!

They have left writing in my hand.

Everywhere I look it says, “dear sweetheart, we miss you, please come home, stop waiting in that wasteland, hope to see you soon, we love you.”

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