I met you in a pen

Among words that dripped in tears

With sentences strung together under fear

In the structure of a poem

I found your name

And in my eyes you where made.

My love and curiosity has brought us here.

Do you remember

the day you learned my name?

The hour?

The second?

Did you hold your breath

as I wrote out the 4 letters

that I, represent?

I am sorry

For I am silly

and full of questions.

I just often

enjoy the silence

of you thinking.

But now,

I am begging you,

give your mind

a little rest.

And follow me,

as I create the illusion

of new memories.

Look quickly as I spin

all of existence

on this wheel.

Around and around it goes

stitching my words into gold.

We are kneeling face to face.

And I am softly holding you between my hands.

One kiss on each eye.

One kiss between your brow.

One kiss on both cheeks.

And your lips, I won’t ignore.

Don’t look now.

For this next part,

close your eyes

as I finish

my surprise.

In the end I will always wish upon your heart.

I will wish to change the clocks

And do magic in the stars

Mixing my imagination,

And your water.

Into something real.

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