Human Existence, Short Thoughts, Long Poem

Here we are…

Living the same life but lacking the understanding of what that actually means.

You are living the same life as me.

Just one step in either direction.

That is the difference between you and anyone.

Listen up, and I will tell you how I see this story.

Please, listen.

For without each other we are incomplete.

Here we are…

Watch yourself as you press your heavy foot on the accelerator.

Watch yourself,

as you go much faster than planned.

Running through existence with your cloak and dagger.

Hiding from your thoughts.

Locking all your doors, and tightly shutting the blinds.

Whispering in the mirror, “light is not allowed in here.”

Here we are…

Transporting ourselves from street to garage.

Acting as if we found some magic form of invisibility.

Hoping avoidance will keep us safe from the ever knocking, tick tock of time.

Living like the ostrich, with your head in the sand.

Just hide,

just pretend this isn’t happening,

Trick yourself into believing you will be safe in the end.

Safe in your mind




and scared.

Here we are…Accelerating but trying to brake.

Lying about our age.

Trying to reverse time.

Living in a plastic world,

eating plastic food,

and worshiping plastic lies.

Trying to keep up with time.

Waiting until the day we fade.

Fade away.

Fade away,

into the world as fast as one rain drop in the open sea.

Seamlessly melting into this plastic society.

Plastic Us.

Living the same life but

so distant

so separate

so scared.

Follow me…


Because I said so.

Because you have followed so many others before.

What is that you ask?

“Do I have original thoughts?”


What is that you said?

“Will it be worth it?”


Think about it…

Who came up with this life anyway?


Think about it.

Who created this sea of beings,

struggling for air,

and constantly hiding from the meaning of life?

Come on…

I know you can do it,

think about it.

Who decided pink was cute on boys,

and push up bras were sexy.



Does it matter, when everyone is drenched in the same worries?

Am I good enough,

am I liked,

am I loved.


Living life could be so simple.

Belonging so easy.

If we just saw our own reflections…

Why not jump right in?

It’s not hard when you accept everything you are.


living the same life as me,

but with a different fake identity.


think about it.

Here we are…

Completely different but exactly the same.

Common minds and common brains.

Striving for that,

individual feel

that individual look

that individual brain.

Striving to feel.



No… that can’t be it.

No one wants to be alone.

How could that be?

Here we are…

Living all together,



and fighting over one another.

What are we asking for?

To be alone.

To push others away.

To do it ourselves.

To commiserate and perseverate and beat yourself up.

All on our own.

No…that can’t be.

What about what others think?


Judgement can’t be real without a little assistance.


We need others to judge us, to size us up, to voice their opinions about where we stand. Right?

That matters…Right?



One of us.

Cares about what our neighbors think.


The projection, of what we believe, others believe.

That is other people judging us.



Think about it…

Where are the judgements coming from?

From me?

From you?




Wait, opinions?

Built on what?

Life experience?


Mine or yours?

Think about it…


Does living consist of fixed beliefs, projected judgements, opinions based on personal experience, and the obsession of feeling all alone and misunderstood?

Does it?

Is that our amazing reality?

Here we are…

Living the same life with different experiences, creating different views, pushing them out into the universe.

Watch as your ideas hit each and every human you cross.

We as humans do not just cross paths,

we are cross energies.

We feel each other from the soul.

Here we are…

Sharing, and demanding that we are heard.

For what?

A fight?

So, we all love to argue?

We all want to be right?

To be solely the holder of right and wrong.

The most knowledgeable in the room.

To what?

To feel alone?

To feel misunderstood?

To feel right?

To be an individual?

To be the most clever?

The funniest?

A leader?

To feel separate from all that makes us whole?

So why are we here creating life, and living, if we are meant to be alone?


Think about it.

Not what is the meaning of life.

No that is much too complex.

But what is the meaning of all this human interaction?

What is the point, if all we want is to be right?

To be heard…

To be loved?


To be loved…

Is to be accepted and understood.


Think about it.

What do we have to do to be loved?

Literally nothing…

Just accept it and it will be.



Don’t I have to be someone?!

Something special?!?

Don’t I have to stand out to be picked for the team?!?

Think about it…

To stand out.

To be the best.

To be “the one”…

Is it, the same as, to be alone?

To have to constantly keep up…

With every fad,

and all the new,

to never fade.

To exhaust yourself with fighting and striving,

to become resistive and ignore all the love

that is around you.

Just to be The One.

The only one in the spotlight.

Is that what we need to feel important?

To feel loved?

Here we are…

Screaming out, “this is who I am”.

I think.

We are all here,

living the same life,

with our eyes shut tight,

pretending the world is as small as our own backyards.

Trying to never be alone.

Trying to hold on to the fabric of time.

Trying to make it, make sense.

Sense of a society built on self hate.

Trying to make sense of it all,

before it is too late.


Here we are…

Entering into the time where the whisper turns to a scream!

A scream that warns us that time is running out.

Unless you ease off the gas

and coast…

And live life without fear.

A scream that shakes your shoulders yelling at you,

that the reaper is tapping at our door.

Pushing you to release this existence

and the hostages that you have living inside of your hidden homes.

Threatening to kick you down as you struggle to pull yourself up.

Laughing in your face as it begs to squeeze out your last breath.

Forget all that.

This sounds better.


Expand your consciousness into everything as you fade from yourself

like the last hottest pair of jeans.

Like a fad in life,

we can fade and become lost, in


Forget striving to be different and bold.

Remember what it is like to be in the arms of existence.

Alienate me,

show me you can do it alone.

Show me that you can become someone living a life connected to just one soul.

Show me.

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