Is Your Soul on Fire?

I was born in the wrong time

I experience the wrong reality

I woke up in the wrong frame.

I burned through time with a fire that I have named.

A nickname.

A pet name.

A secret phrase I choose to keep.

An inside joke,

and you’re dying to take a peek.

I was written in words

I was spoken into existence

I was screamed into this world,

on the lips of your ancestors.

The wings of angels.

On the fingertips of gods.

I blew all of the relics into your eyes.

Did you get a good look?

Are you asking for a translation?

There isn’t anyone left to hold your hand.

You recognize this as my fire

burns the world to the ground.

These ancient words will fade.

And then what?

But before you tune out.

Ask yourself,

Do you speak human?

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