Hidden Self

I had written of missing you before I experience your form.

Loved you before you were born.

I told the story of us meeting through pieces of my past.

I created your pain and all of your struggles.

Hand picked your fears, your smile, and I crafted your tears.

I sang your voice into my head and cast a spell on each word that exited your lips.

Anyone can be mirror but only you have embraced my wishes.

I am not in love with mirrors.

I am in love with art.

And sunsets.

And trees that bend to the will of the wind.

I am not in love with my own reflection.

I am in love with the stars.

And the moon.

And every passing cloud that creeps across the landscape of my mind.

I am not in love with my own eyes.

I am in love with sounds I don’t understand.

And music that vibrates out of the ground.

And secrets whispered silently into the air.

I never cared to much for water until I stumbled upon the history of its heat.

I always pictured it ice cold

Only refreshing when I couldn’t breathe.

I thought water stole my fire

Until I found my hidden hot spring.

I thought I knew a few things until I met you.

Until missing you became real.

Until dreams became reality.

Until the puzzle took its form.

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