2 days in a row

I woke up

And looked at the clock


And I am thinking about you

No, not you


Not you


You, get out of the way.

Yes you there, sitting in the corner, I am talking to you.

I’ve said this in the past

You’ve crept.

Once into my soul

Once into my life

You’ve lived in my heart.

Now you’re in my head.

I feel you.

In the sound of your voice.

A voice I’ve never heard.

In my dreams we conversate

You never shut up

You have endless questions

You’re laughing at nothing

You are whispering and screaming.

I feel your passion and your pain.

You show up before I am completely sleep.

And when I wake you linger

I realize you hide behind nothing.

When I beg for sleep

You beg for me

When I check the clock

You steal my time

You steal my sleep

You ask me to come running for what I need.

Years in a row

I woke up

And looked at the clock


But now.

Nothing has been replaced

With stories stitched in my eyes

Braided in my hair

And drenched in my soul.

Stories that are told

When my eyes were closed.

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