I find it beautiful when a person has a practice that fulfills them, gives them purpose, and increases their happiness.

Whether it be yoga, meditation, a specific organized religion, or any other philosophy in life; they all have a common thread, get out of the way and flow with the energy of the practice.

In a perfect world — lets say in my dream world — there would be no right or wrong when it came to choosing a life practice or principle. Everyone would be free to choose any practice that best suits them.

When choosing the right practice, no one’s decision would be based in fear. Everyone would just live their life striving toward the best possible version of themselves. Not judging or criticizing others for their beliefs, not feeling threatened by others.

Everyone would recognize that their path is their own, and can only be traveled and honored by themselves. It wouldn’t matter if I believed that when I am dreaming, my body is resting, but my soul is traveling in the cosmos free to interact with all other Beings on a level called the collective conscious, and that dreams are gateways to other dimensions.

When you read that, know that I don’t feel that I am not right or wrong. I am just exploring the limitless possibilities that are hidden in this existence. Honoring that we are Beings with infinite capabilities.

It’s not easy to accept the vast possibilities of our world, but could you imagine what our reality would look like if all of us did? Would we have more peace and harmony? Would we be scared of this reality if it truly was just a collective dream?

What if all we had to do, to make things better or worse was just to embrace and accept our individual power to create the exact reality we desire?

Then get out of the way and let it work. Just like praying to God. People of faith always say, give up your worries to the Almighty, if you want Him to hear you, you have to really give it up. You can’t hold on a little, and try to work behind the scenes, you really have to get out of the way and let Him work through you.

I believe the same thing but instead of God, I say Universe. We all have the power to create the reality we see in our minds eye, but first we have to trust. We have to release the cold death grip we all have on life, and trust that our existence has a path.

If only my perfect reality was already here. If only I wasn’t so scared, so dead-set on being right. Like being right somehow would make me better than anyone else. Like being right some how actually makes others wrong.

Ask yourself now: What is the Perfect life.

Is it the American Dream? The Dream that is mocked at by tired, over-worked, stressed out Humans. Everyone responding to the question, “how is life treating you?” with drips of sarcasm and tension in their voices: “Living the dream.”

No offense to those “living the dream,” but I can’t remember the last time someone said that statement and meant it.

The old me. I worked 8-16 hours a day in a highly stressful environment. My kids spent more time at daycare than with me. I mindlessly stared at TV or my phone as a form of entertainment. I was mean, spiteful, jealous, and hardened by experience. I was depressed, anxious, and almost always sad.

I think very few people knew that of me when it was happening. I am not sure if I was good at hiding it, or if people just thought that was who I was. My best guess is that most people don’t see in others what they don’t want to see in themselves.

I know I can say this because I have lived the life of a sleep-walker–a living zombie. I spent most of my life completely blind to the world around me. I was asleep, closed-minded, and easy confused. I look back on that old life, and I can’t wrap my head around that old me. I can’t understand how I used to live my life. I can’t see how I could allow myself to be so blind to reality.

Maybe, I am losing my mind, maybe, life is easy and I am the only one living the pain of waking up to this dream we call reality.

I can’t stop wondering if life were easy, then why are so many struggling with who they are or what they should do with their lives?

If life is easy, then why is there so much worry and fear? Why do so many people feel that nagging pull, that cloud of confusion, that lump in our throats, that obsessive love for comfort?

If everything is easy, effortless, and free of negative energy; then we should have no need to invite resistance into our lives. Yet here we are playing out dramas with unconscious minds.

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