Venus Retrograde 2020

Retrogrades that are affecting us right now are:

Venus Retrograde
Jupiter Retrograde
Saturn Retrograde
Pluto Retrograde

The current Venus Retrograde is in Gemini.
Venus Retrograde began on May 13th, when Venus was at 21 degrees of Gemini. Venus will Retrograde back to 5 degrees of Gemini before it moves Direct again, this Direct movement will begin on June 25th.

Venus is the Planet of love, compassion, relationships (especially romantic relationships), self worth, feminine energies, money, possessions, and the aesthetics of life.

During a Venus Retrograde people can experience issues within their love life, exs can pop up, or maybe issues in your current relationship come to a-head. Self love and self worth come to light. You may expereince a return of old self judgments.

No matter what is coming up for you the root to it all is the challenge between what you truly value deep down inside, and what you are actually experiencing.

Venus is asking you if your life is an expression of your most intimate values? Venus asks if you are being true to your Soul?
Are you being true to your expression of worth?
Do the people you surround yourself with align with your core beliefs, do they treat you as you know you should be treated?
Do the physical resources you have in your life (money, shelter, possessions) show the beauty of the World the way that most aligns with your truest expression of Self?

Between April 9th and May 13th, we were preparing. During this time period, Venus was in its first shadow period, traveling through the degrees where the Retrograde will occur.

Think back, what were you feeling during that time? Were you asking yourself those Venus type questions?

In April, I think it is safe to say we were all thinking about what we value the most in our lives. We were deciding what we needed to keep us sane during a time of extreme restrictions that affected those Venus things, especially relationships and money.

We lived through these energies once, now we are doing it backwards…time for review.

When I am able to stay present during an intense Retrograde I am able to see what is popping up for me. The players in my stroy can change, but the expression of Energy does not. The message does not change.

It’s like watching a movie with hidden clues. Watch it once, watch it in reverse, then watch it again-in what feels like slow motion. Did you get all the clues? Was it a message you’ve forgotten or something brand new?

Starting June 25th, until July 29th, Venus will be traveling through the second Shadow Period. You have done this before. It may feel like slow motion because energetically this is the third time you have felt this energy. Yet you are better for it. Smarter, wiser, more attuned.

Don’t struggle. Don’t go back. Decide from here that you are learning how to make your insides match your outsides.

Even if there is a shirt in your closet that sort of bothers you, get it out of there. Venus pushes you to build your castle, beauty on the inside, and beauty on the outside.

To get a fuller picture of this specific Retrograde we have to also look at the Zodiac Sign which is being affected.

Venus is Retrograding in the Sign of Gemini, the Zodiac Sign known for communication, the process of turning thought and/or experience into WORD, how we intellectually problem solve, the workings of the mind, how we process mentally, and close relationships such as brothers and sister or neighbors (the relationship here is related to how we learn to communicate at a young age, how we learn to convince people of what we need, how we learn to argue, how we learn to communicate our emotional expression to others, how we interact verbally with those in close proximity).

The energies of Venus are working within the energies of Gemini. The Venus energies, challenges, and realizations are happening in the Gemini area of life.

Is your communication with yourself clear, expressing love, and compassion? Is your communication within relationships reflecting value? Do you say one thing and mean the other because emotionally you are struggling to understand what you truly desire?

Important Aspects:
Venus begins its Retrograde at 21 degrees Gemini and creates a Square to Transiting Netpune. Illusion. Disillusioned. Escapism. Living in a Dream. Foggy. Weighted down with murky heavy emotion. Neptune is at 20 degrees of Pisces, and on its home turf.

We need to ask, “What can this Neptune Square teach us?” Instead of, “Why is it confusing us?”

Neptune is the Higher Octave of Venus. Venus manifests itself through our physical Reality.

How do you show love? Who do you surround yourself with? What value do you place on money?

Neptune is pure compassion, and service for the greater good. Neptune ties us so deeply to the energetics of emotional connection that it can trick us into believing that we can live in our minds. Neptune is strong in Pisces, and is challenging Venus to stand in her strength, to look beyond any lies, any manipulation, any person or form of information that pulls us away from the Reality we WANT TO SEE.

Look at what is in front of you. Not what is behind the mirror. It might feel good to get whisked away with Neptune. It feels good to live in a fantasy, it feels good to dream about the future, and to reminisce about the past (even the bad times). Just don’t get stuck in there as you review.

During this retrograde make sure no little whispers keep you in any, and I mean ANY situation that keeps you from experiencing what truly aligns with you.

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