Pluto Retrograde and Right Now, May 2020

If you are noticing that things seem a bit heavy it’s ok, these challenges are divinely planned to bring you closer and closer to your ultimate goal (do you know what it is?)

We just experienced a New Moon in Gemini. The Dark Moon phase is very introspective, and being that the New Moon was in the sign of Gemini there is something highly social in the Air. Ideas swriling around in your head, new approaches, and acknowledgements of what isn’t working anymore.

Quite possibly, during the last couple days you could have been feeling an increase in your personal vibration, it could have been misunderstood as anxiety. This chatty, social, detail oriented problem solving energy wants to burst out screaming: “I am here, and I’ve got plans!!!”

Sounds exciting right? I think so. I have personally made some progress this week when it comes to plans for my future.

Why then do I still feel weighed down, and restricted? Anyone resonate with that?

We are under an intense Retrograde period. And we are approaching Eclipse Season! Everything is getting tossed in the Air!

Again, this is ok. We are strong. We know why we are here. Lucky us, the Cosmos are always here to help us gain a better understanding of what energy shifts are occuring.

Last time I posted, I focused in on Venus Retrograde. Venus is a Personal Planet, its energy is physically manifested through you, and directly represents how your Human expresses love, compassion, and how you express your value and worth.

This time I will focus on Pluto, but first I will share a little background on the three bad boys who are throwing a Retrograde party over in Capricorn. (Lets not forget the first degrees of Aquarius as well, Saturn is in Aquarius for now, but its Retrograde movement will bring it back into Capricorn very soon.)

Capricorn, I am going to be honest, Capricorn isn’t my favorite Sign. Capricorn is a Saturn ruled, Cardinal Earth Sign. As the third to the last Sign in the Zodiac, Capricorn means business.

Aquarius, again I have to be honest, Aquarius isn’t the most easy to understand. Traditionally, Aquarius was Ruled by Saturn, however, after Uranus was discovered Saturn was pushed aside for the more dynamic and unpredictable energy of Uranus. Aquarius is a Fixed Air Sign. As the second to last Sign in the Zodiac, Aquarius asks us to connect on a collective scale.

The Sign Capricorn has been hit hard in the last year plus. Pluto has been hanging out in Capricorn since 2008…Saturn has moved into Aquarius but is Retorgrading back to Capricorn, where it has been since December of 2017. Jupiter has been in Capricorn since December of 2019. And the South Node was transiting Capricorn between November 2018 to May 5th, 2020. Also important to note, all of the Personal Planets: The Sun, The Moon, Mercury, Venus, and Mars have all transited this area in the Zodiac. Between November 26th 2019, and April 1st 2020 all of the Planets whose energies are directly manifested through your personal behavior had to pass through the karmic past, and the restructuring that is occuring in Capricorn.

I like to mention dates whenever possible, this way when you are looking back at what areas of life you are revisiting or restructing, a time frame can be established. You can think of these time frames as Astrological Cycles that can be used to expand from and heal from the past. As well as giving you a peek into what type of energy is waiting for you in the future.

Cycles are huge in Astrology. Planetary movement is predictable, and can be calculated into the past, and into the future. When we are studying current transits, it doesn’t matter if the direction of a Planet is Direct or Reteograde, it is part of a cycle. When looking at the Social Planets: Jupiter and Saturn, and the Transpersonal Planets like Pluto, these cycles are very pronounced because of the length of time that these Planets stay in one Sign.

Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008. Pluto will not be completely done with Capricorn until January 20, 2024. Last time Pluto was in Capricorn was in the 1930s. I will save the history lesson, but think stock market crash, more government restrictions, and lower class people taking the worst of it all.

Pluto wants us to take the time to understand its lessons. Especially since most of these lesson are taught in the dark, behind a curtain, and in an ancient language that is difficult to decode.

Pluto is the Ruler of Scorpio, it’s natural place is in the 8th House of Death and Rebirth. Pluto is known to affect generations, and can be understood as an excavator — removing layers of you. From the first breath, to the last breath. A cycle of regeneration, restructuring, and transformation.

Don’t forget, restrictions are everywhere. Restrictions from the outer world, and especially from your inner world. Institutions of the mind. This is old, unprocessed, ancient information that is working toward the evolution of the Soul.

Pluto moves slowly, and is classified as a Dwarf Planet by some, and igorned completely by others. Far off in the distant outer rim of our galaxy Pluto orbits closely to the Kuiper Belt, which is said to be remains of our early Solar System.

Why the back and forth on Pluto? Well it is so far out there that it is easy to ignore. Pluto is the subconscious, and it’s there whether we believe in it or not. The Energies are here to work with us in this Human experience without our permission or acceptance.

On the World Stage, Pluto is uncovering, exposing, and pushing the World to restructure. This is clear to see. There isn’t one Human on Earth right now that could whole heartedly say that the Entire World isn’t being shaken to wake up.

Many people declare 2012 as a Spiritual turning point in their life, this would have been 4 years after Pluto came into Capricorn.

In 2008 I found out that my ex-husband was unfaithful to me. A month before that, I had my daughter Mitra, she is my second child, but the first with him.

2012, roughly 6 months after having my youngest, Marcus, I was once again reminded that my ex was poison for me. I didn’t know what exactly was the poison, but I do now.

The stroy goes on, those 2017, 2018, 2019 Pluto moments where digging up all of my hidden stuff. All of my individual Karma that I had forgotten about completely.

Now in Retrograde, Pluto is asking me where do I want to transform, and where do I want to smooth the dirt back over?

As a generation we are doing this. Anyone able to stay the same during this time is probably a robot. Or so asleep that they seem like the walking dead. Eyes glazed over, smiling and pretending.

That sneaky little piece of fear that Pluto brings us, the unknown, is the chance for something brand new. A chance at a revitalized life, and its acceptance comes with knowing that shit does not just go back to normal.

When understanding outer Planets, we must first understand how energy and themes vibrate through the layers of existence. I ask you to picture this vibration blanketing the Earth.

What Pluto does on the World Stage, and for generations, is also done personally for each one of us. As a curious Being you can see all that is happening around you and reflect it inward.

Understanding Pluto’s placement in your Natal Chart can provide more understanding on which areas of life this energy is clearing out.

Capricorn is in my 3rd House. I am unlocking the restrictions I have accepted my whole life. Especially those focused around communication, and how I analyze and speak out to the World. How I organize my life, and my business sense (I have a tendency to treat all relationships as business, not something I am comfortable with anymore).

My Natal Pluto is in Libra in the 12th House…this incarnation began with me believing it is fair to keep my “under world” locked away in the prison of my mind. Don’t get me wrong, I still want do be fair, but now I know it doesn’t have to be at my own detriment.

This is a process. It is far from over. Building something new takes time.

Pluto is unlocking doors for you too. There is a darkness to the unknown. There is an uneasiness to change.

There is expansion (Jupiter).

There is structure (Saturn).

There is innovation for those brave enough to not look away (turn toward Aquarius).

Brave enough to accept what comes up. Brave enough to allow transformation to occur.

Pluto is breaking old laws to create a new World. Ready or not we already started.

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