Jupiter Retrograde 2020, Are you Ready for Growth?

I like Jupiter. I really do.
I was born with Jupiter (Retrograde) in Scorpio in The 12th House. Conjunct within a 4 degree orb to my Ascendent…I have a constant need to redefine myself through expansion. And where does my desire to expand lie? In the land of the hidden, and the restricted — in the land that plays in a constant cycle of endings. Without that desire I would not be typing this right now. So thank you Jupiter for fueling me with a passion to always know more.
Jupiter is the largest Planet in the Solar System. Found between Mars and Saturn, this giant is our protector among many other things. Fun Fact, Jupiter’s gravitational pull grabs Long Period Comets, and throws them off course protecting Earth from many unseen threats.
Jupiter is the biggest Energy out there, and it is classically known for knowledge, expansion, lessons we are meant to learn, abundance, good fortune, wisdom from the beyond, all things outside of us that we seek to gain knowledge in, and JOY. Jupiter rules the Sign of Sagittarius, and is associated with The 9th House.
Jupiter is currently Retrograde in Capricorn at 27 degrees. Jupiter is not its normal happy jovial self in Capricorn. Actually, Capricorn is Jupiter’s least favorite place to be, in Astrological terms, we would say Jupiter is at Fall in Capricorn. This basically means that Jupiter’s Energy and Capricorn’s Energy don’t understand each other. In Capricorn, Jupiter has a constant feeling of being held down.
Jupiter travels around the Zodiac once every 12 years, this means that Jupiter is in each Zodiac Sign for 1 full year, and every year Jupiter Retrogrades. Time for review.
Jupiter has been in Capricorn since December 2nd of 2019. Jupiter was traveling Direct all the way through Capricorn until May 14th, 2020 when Jupiter began traveling “backwards” (not really, this is just the illusion created from our perspective on Earth).
(For more information on Planetary Movement, and Retrograde motions check out this post.)
The degrees that Jupiter Retrograde will be covering in Capricorn are the degrees between 27 and 17.
Jupiter entered into its First Shadow Period for this Retrograde on February 16th, this shadow period ended with Jupiter Stationing Retrograde at 27 degrees of Capricorn. When we begin to review the lessons that this Jupiter Retrograde has for us, we need to go all the way back to see where Jupiter began knocking on doors. Depending on how Jupiter has been working in your Natal Chart, this time of knocking could have been way way way longer than just this 2 month Shadow Period.
Do you know which doors you opened, which doors you left shut, and most importantly was this a time in your life where you felt restriction or expansion?
Jupiter is a “Social Planet.” Meaning it encourages us to find meaning, connections, and growth through our experiences in the World. Jupiter is happiest when we are learning from each other and from everything that surrounds us.
I enjoy giving the Planets personalities, Jupiter is someone who is constantly asking you to question what you think and believe. Picture Jupiter as a friend or a family member who never stops talking, knows it all, and will even play wicked little tricks on you when you are ignoring the obvious.
Last year Jupiter was in its home Sign of Sagittarius. Like a traveler finally returned home, Jupiter was ready to share the stories of his last journey around the Zodiac. Remember it is a 12 year journey. Jupiter visited every degree in the Zodiac, met up with all the Planets along the way. Jupiter had the opportunity to check in…“Is everyone remembering to feel the abundance of love and knowledge that is pulsating throughout the World?”
2020 has been, and will continue to be a different sort of year for Jupiter. In Fall position Jupiter is headstrong to teach us a lesson. If you don’t get the lesson the first time, don’t worry Jupiter won’t give up on you, but in that case I hope you like tough love. In the background Jupiter is laughing at all the slips, trips, and falls. I mean, who could deny that they aren’t similar in some way?
I know that when I lend advice to someone, and they thank me, but do the opposite; when something negative pops up I hold my “I told you sos”, but I do chunkle and shake my head. Like a child running down a hill, we call up “slow down honey,” and when that child trips; we chuckle a bit and whisper “Karma.” We know everyone learns at their own pace, and can only hear a message clearly in divine time.
Ask yourself, when is your divine time to hear and understand the lessons that Jupiter is bringing you?
Jupiter is under pressure in Capricorn, the Sign most known for restrictions, structure, organization, and a rule oriented approach to life. Jupiter has to conform in a sense to understand what can be learnt from Capricorn’s Energy. What can be learnt from the Energies of structure. How can your life improve with structure.
Jupiter is begging you to expand in your life, and to allow transformation. You can see this in the Conjunction with Jupiter and Pluto, both Retrograde in Capricorn. Together these Planets are helping you release old restrictions of the mind, and of this World. When you release old Karma, and old experiences that no longer serve you, you make space. You create Energetic space to move forward.
For months now, Jupiter has been in Aspect with Pluto, and Saturn. This is where Jupiter is helping to clear the way for a deeper understanding of THIS life. Jupiter is still 100% team Human, 100% team YOU! Even under pressure Jupiter will bring in light. Jupiter comes with all knowledge, ACCESS IT! A Retrograde does not shut a Planet down. A Retrograde is a gift. Jupiter has let you live, let you see, and has lifted the veil in its First Shadow Period.
Think February 16th until May 14th. What did you learn? Where were you drawn to expand? What did you see in the World as it is related to the structure and to the abundance of all possibilities. (If that is tricky say it again)(there is time to think…its called Retrograde)(there is time to act, it is called second Shadow Period).
Jupiter’s Retrograde will last until September 12th when it begins moving Direct at 17 degrees of Capricorn. As Jupiter travels back over the degrees 17 to 27 of Capricorn, in its second Shadow Period, we will begin to see life in a new way. The second Shadow Period will last until the beginning of December, just a week or so away from Jupiter changing Signs into Aquarius (the Sign of The Water Beaer, symbolizing the ultimate humanitarian).
This means for the rest of the year, if you want to make big changes, if you have big ideas, if you know that you are transforming and nothing will get in your way. Then you better know how those big changes are going to support the Capricorn areas of your life, and to further personalize this, find what House Capricorn occupies in your Natal Chart.
Capricorn is associated with the 10th House and its ruling Planet is Saturn. Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth Sign and it represents discipline, responsibility, hard work, and determination. The 10th House is your mission in life, your life purpose in relation to a profession, how you present yourself to the World, and how you are received by the public. Saturn is concerned with structure, time, and limitations. There is not much emotion here, but there is the motivation and power to succeed!
I know it is a lot of information. In order to help simplify these ideas try picking words that stand out to you, and let that word represent an entire concept. Pick a word that resonates with your personally.

Jupiter = Expansion
Saturn = Limitations
Capricorn = Structure
3rd House (this is where Capricorn is in my chart) = Communication
Pluto = Transformation
Aspects: My Natal South Node is at 18 degrees and 37 minutes of Capricorn, and the opposition point is my Natal North Node (in the 9th House) at 18 degrees and 37 minutes of Cancer. So here I would be looking at when Planets in Capricorn are Conjunct My South Node, and when Planets are opposing my North Node.

Conjunctions = Powerfully Beneficial

Opposition = Naturally unharmonious (with mindfulness this relationship is a give and take)
My personalized message is then channeled through those facts. Of course it gets more detailed, but using one word can be a good starting point for anyone looking to understand their chart more fully. This is a process, it does take “time.”
There is so much to unpack in each of our personal stories. So ask yourself these Jupiter questions.
“Have you expanded your mind?”
“Have you expanded your heart?”
“Have you expanded your understanding of this life?”
“Are you learning or hiding?”
“Are you finding opportunity or are you fearful of what is outside?”
“Are you restructuring your life and making room for more, for the new, for achievements beyond what you can see; or are you holding tight to things you know you can not fix?”
“Have you used your time wisely?”
“Will you use your time wisely?”
“Is the way you show up in the World creating growth for you?”
“Will you change?”
Yes, Jupiter is gonna kick your legs from underneath you with a Karmic chuckle. It might feel mean spirited in the light of Capricorn’s Energy, but hey, don’t we all like to learn the hard way?

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