Saturn Retrograde 2020, Time to Reset The Rules

Last night I woke up at 11:00pm, I wanted it to be later, I wanted to look at the time and see 3:00am. I had only been sleeping for 2 hours, and I thought of actually getting up. I had statements swirling around in my head…
“That could go with that poem.”
“That goes with that essay I am working on.”
“Shit I need to write this down.”
“But I want to go back to sleep.”
And I did, because I am stubborn when it comes to shutting off and going to sleep, I become enraged when my body refuses to rest.

Before I drifted completely away, Saturn came to me,
then The Moon came to me,
and finally Mars.

“There is work to be done”, Saturn tells me,
“there is structure to create”.
“There is a shift coming, and you want to be prepared”, calls the Moon.

“Wake up, when things slow down you don’t want to be stuck in the past”, Mars pleads.

“I am tired”, I repeat.

Saturn reminds me that to maintain a flow of Energy from myself, into my communities, I need to respect my “time.” I need to respect my “boundaries.” Saturn isn’t just speaking to me, Saturn is speaking to everyone. The message is coming in clear.
Are you ready to hear?

Saturn is the time keeper. The ruler maker. The structure. The parent. The Energy that calls upon you to look at your life. What rules are you placing on yourself? What decisions are you avoiding? Where does your life need restructuring?

Saturn is the second biggest Planet in our solar system. Found between expansive Jupiter, and unpredictable Uranus; Saturn is known for putting Humans through difficult experiences in order to strengthen their character.

Saturn is cold, and unsympathetic. Known for bringing you the same lesson, over and over again, until you learn to discipline yourself.

Sound like fun?

Maybe. Saturn’s Energy teaches you patience, stability, and realism. Those are positive chararteristics to have.
Saturn asks us to live in this World.
Reminds us that the lessons, challenges, and hardships that we live through
create this World,
define this World,
and allow us to Spiritually evolve
through the understanding
of Experience through physical form (which is the act of living).

Saturn is the holder of all we believe-in in-relation to time, and to the structure of the World as a whole.

Let me paint a picture of Energies sent to Earth.
Visualize with me all of the Planets in our Solar System.
In their natural order, orbing the sun.

Mercury, the communicator.
Venus, our expression of love and our ability to receive.
Mars, our actions, and our ability to have emotional boundaries.
Jupiter is all knowledge, and the desire to expand.

Saturn the boundary of time. Structure in order to Experience FORM.

Uranus is freedom, and wild head-spinning change.
Neptune is where your mind releases its ability to divide,
and acknowledges that we are energetically all ONE.
Pluto, the keeper of secrets, the holder of the dark, the Transformation Energy that recycles it all.

The energies of Mercury, Venus, and Mars are translated into what we actually

Jupiter asks you to Explore.
Saturn says,
“Before you venture into the great beyond,
know where you stand.
Two feet on the ground.
Living a Human life comes with responsibilities.”

The outer Planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto,
send messages,
vibrate Energies,
and make connections
to bring experiences into your life.
All of these Energies first have to filter through Saturn,
this is where you decide…
Do I let this information in?
Does it match the set of Rules I already have?
Is it time to re-work the intuitions of the mind?

The answer is yes.

Saturn has been transiting its home Sign of Capricorn since December 2017. On March 21st, 2020, Saturn entered into Aquarius for a brief time before beginning its Retrograde motion. Saturn Retrograde began on May 11, 2020 at 1 degree and 57 minutes of Aquarius. Here at the beginning degrees of Saturn in Aquarius we were able to dip our toes into the waters of NEW Energy and it felt…well…interesting.
Time for Review.

This is a defining time.
2020 is the time to redefine ALL things.
Don’t believe the Astrology?
Just look outside.
Look at the news.
Look at people’s faces.
Nothing is the same.
Don’t fool yourself into believing
that anything will be
without a re-alignment.

Saturn is working with the entire World, and with each of us personally.

During this four and a half month Retrograde, Saturn will be covering the area of 1 degree of Aquarius to 25 degrees of Capricorn. If you have any Planets, or Points in this area of your Chart expect there to be very noticeable changes in the area of life the governs rules, and structures. Also, pay attention to any Aspects that are made between your Natal Chart, and transiting Saturn. Regardless of whether or not you have any Planets or Points, or Aspects made in your Natal Chart, these Energies are still working in your life.

The Energies are working mostly in the Sign of Capricorn, but also in Aquarius.

For Aquarius energy, think long term energy. Remember, Saturn will make its way back to Aquarius by the end of the year. Think, what are we restructuring FOR? What needs NEW Rules? How can we redefine our “TIME?”

Capricorn is a Cardinal Earth Sign and it represents discipline, responsibility, hard work, and determination. Capricorn is the stability in your life.

Moving forward we need to know,
from the lessons we have learnt,
and the experiences we have gone through,
what are we prepared to take with us into this NEW World,
and what must we change.

Saturn Retrograde can have some of us feeling very isolated, very restricted, following all rules whether they are self imposed, or regulated by an outside force. People may see how the World is reacting to the current Energy shifts, and reflect them inward. These people will begin to see within themselves things they feel helpless to change.
Not true. Remind yourself that feelings such as these create Worlds for themselves.

I like to say, “This is A end, not THE END.”

We are changing, the Energy is rising. We can not sit by and passively expect life to fall back in place, and make sense.

Remember Saturn is not the only Planet destroying the fabric of old tradition.
Saturn is not the only Retrograding Planet in Capricorn.
Saturn is not the only one who is asking you questions.
Not the only one who is pushing you outside of your comfort zone.

For those of you who feel a restructuring internally first,
do not fear stepping into the New World.
Do it before life becomes uncomfortable.

For those of you who see the World slowly morphing before your eyes,
act now.
If you see it,
then it is time.

Anyone who misunderstands a Direct Message from Saturn,
or who confuses the reminders from their own Soul,
on how to move forward from a place that looks like rubble,
its ok,
help is on the way.

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