The YOP Act, a Star Crossed Poem

We can be moved to act.

I have been moving on action.

There was a stop sign.

I told you that.


Halt, who goes there?


Actually. Why do you even want to come in?


Service bells are ringing in my head.


I have been living backwards.

I have wrote in reverse.

I have spoke in rewind.


Now let me rehearse.


Put the prompter up 

My memory is getting worse.


This isn’t a replay

Those words won’t work.


“This is what you had in mind?

This is what seemed to make the most sense?”


Through the eyes of the beholder 

it was a time to observe.


“Have you taken anything for the team?

Have you claimed your place in this scene?”


We have kicked the dust up.

We have shook the webs out.

We shouted

And We whispered.


We have let the dogs out.

We have hunted and We have found.

Yet we are still undiscovered.


We are here. 

We are the YOP folks.


With our tears

And our cries

With our quiet voices

And our hoarse throats.


We are here.

And we got tingles on the tops of our heads

And we got songs that soothe,

instead of sting.


And we have hearts that are unmeasurable

And we know the past,

And we know you.


We are here.

And we can feel 

this energy grow

from the tips of our toes,

As it goes, 

You will sense, 

how this energy can be seen, 

As an elevation of all we see.



Who knows this word.

Who knows how the story goes.

I have repeated, “I am not the author”

I have reassured you of The Presence.


Have you been heard?




Or are you playing yoyo 

In Apartment 7



I asked to move on to 8.

I asked for it in numerical order. 




Don’t lose me now.

You’re not lost.

Follow the sound that you were taught.


I was told 123.

But I follow 456.


Stay with me.


It is a heartbeat.

We hear it

inside the Earth.


We have heard it

since before birth.

A trumpeting sound 


Bump Bump. Bump Bump. Bump Bump.


Remember. Remember. Ask me three times and I will do anything, in the name of the Light. In the name of Balance. In the name of healing anything in the past. Remember.


Look at it. All of it. What can be done? Act. 


Wakey Wakey Eggs and Bacy.



I bet you wish that could rhyme.

As I pause let it come in. 


Did you hear that pause, read it in all my punctuation. All my spaces. There is a pause. Read it slowly, I am not in a rush.


Sound it out if you have to. I saw the word “puzzle” today, and I found I was looking in the mirror. 


It came as a puzzle. I put it together, and then I messed it all up. 

Puzzles are fun a second time.  

Who knows about the 3rd, or the 4th, or the 5th.


Take it back to Mario, he should know.

Now those answers fit in my pocket.

Again a gift of time was offered 

and still not accepted.


The magic number is not 10, it’s 11, and all even numbers above 12. 

And don’t forget about multiples and divisions.

That is what we have been trained for, isn’t?


Halfs of wholes.


And breathe

don’t hold it in.


We said change was coming.

In every voice we said the storm was coming.

It is hard to fortune-cast the weather, 

things change.

People come and go.


Strike down

Open the gates

Show those with eyes that see

There is no division 


The illusion is what you see.




I am Nudging you.

Do you remember me?

Open your eyes, see it’s just me.

Too close, I know.


“Now I lay me down to sleep”…”Fill in the Blank”.


Words. Are not just WORDS.

So fill it in carefully.



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