New Adventures with Like Minded Souls, a Vocie for Awakening

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So I've been talking about this for a while now and here it finally is! The new ☕ MYSTICAL TEA TIME PODCAST. Where I have guests on for tea to chat about all things ascension and starseed and higher consciousness! We have 3 episodes up now and the latest one is very relevant right now. We have the #fullmoon lunar eclipse and Sirius gateway coming up and fellow intuitive Mena from @honingyourreality who is a very skilled astrologer went online with me to talk about the energies this weekend! So a must-watch/listen for this weekend! check out the ☕ MYSTICAL TEA TIME PODCAST link in bio! Like and subscribe on YouTube or any of the other podcast links available! Are you on a spiritual journey and putting your services out there? I'm always looking for like minded lightworkers eager to share their #soulwork with the world on my #podcast so DM me!📨

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Yesterday I had a very Liberating day. While I blog and write endlessly about Awakening, I have only just begun learning how to Act from my Soul in the Physical World, and Speak from my Soul with my mouth.

Here we are at another stage of Ascension.

I have not posted about my Awakening journey for quite a long time-possibly over two years.

When I started this blog I was full of excitment, and prepared to bare all of my Experiences no matter how it made me look to the eyes of a reader. While I had good intentions there was a point in my life that was just to painful to live outloud. I needed that quiet time, but as time passed my desire to Wake the World haunted me. So I brushed the sleep from my eyes and said to The Universe-to God-“How can I be of Service?” I am listening, and NOW I am Acting.

Maybe you know that feeling…of not knowing whether or not you are doing the right thing. Constantly having an Awareness of your Energy-either draining-or wasting on something-or someone that no longer aligns. Maybe you know that feeling of becoming more aware of yourSelf.

Do you know the feeling I am talking about?

Your Energy. Are you becoming more aware of the flow, of your Aura, your bubble, your Home. Imagine ALL the things you think about, say, ALL the information you come in contact with, ALL the people you know-having a “feeding tube” to your Energy, your Life Force if you will. Imagine the “tube”-Is it one way?-Or does it reciprocate?

That is one way to see life, and one lesson I would ask everyone to consider on this day July 4th, 2020. On This Full Moon Lunar Eclipse!!!

A Prayer-Also known as a Healing Vibration-Release All that no longer serves the Divine Structure of your Life:

We Gracefully release ALL ties, ALL Attachments, ALL Energetic Cords, ALL Thought Patterns, and ALL Outdated Codes from The Collective Consciouness-From each Indivdual Being, from every Atom, to the Expansiveness of each Vibrating Aura-From All Structures that do Not serve the Highest Good for ALL. We Release-Cross ALL Time and Space-in ALL Dimensions-through ALL of Eternity. This Frequency will be heard-We Release. We Release ALL of this into Our Great Mother Earth for Her to Cleanse this Energy and Transmute it into Pure Divine Essence. And as a Divine Channel I pray this prayer for ALL, and I assist ALL other Divine Beings in sending this Pure Transmuted Essence from The Earth into ALL of the Universe so that it may Shower Upon The Collective. Allow this sweet Energy to raise the vibration of the Planet, for the Good of ALL.

Who is with me? Say it with me! Imagine it with me! Make it Real with me! Please and Thank you my Dears.

I would like to send a huge thank you out to Debra of Mystic Wolf Soulcrafts for having me on her podcast Mystical Tea Time. Words lack the true power of description when it comes to Debra. She is Divine, Powerful, Confident, and Humble. The pleasure was all mine to be able to spend time with her speaking Truth about Awakening to the Future of Love on this Planet.

We thank you for all your support❤❤❤

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