The Hungry

When a person goes through something everyone can see it. 

It is like there is a scent in the air 

and from that scent comes those 

who are thirsty for more. 


Crawling out on all fours

sniffing the air 

like blood thirsty dogs

licking their chops.


I lived that life. 


I was fed off of. 

And I fed.


Look at you 

judging where I am coming from 

because of my choice in words.


This is Inspiration 

 and I hope it shocks your Heart.




Yeah that’s me.

You’re not acting right

so I set my sights

higher than your Heart.


See comfort has a way of stalling out.

Of making you hoard.

Cozy, is just another way to lock you up tight.


Tap. Tap. Tap.


When I was a kid we called that Tiki Torture.

Whatever that means doesn’t matter, 

it was Torture.


Held down, laughed at, molested in our own Homes.


Look at you recoil 

in fear 

at my words of choice.


Tap. Tap. Tap.


Don’t be scared, that does not have to be the Future.


We all fed. 

Looking up with Energy dipping from our Lips.

We Fed.


This is living. 


Flies swarm, 

and this is what we have called life.


Maybe I am not talking to you,

Permission to scroll granted.


But do it fast.

Get these words as far away from you as possible.

Because there is a saying that will stick in your mind.


Living the Dream.


With or without your sarcasm 

That so-called Dream is dead.


That Dream has died.

My Sisters and I held a Funeral

We celebrated the death.


We stripped our Clothes off and howled at the Moon.

And your sarcasm wasn’t invited.


Your old school dicks were left out in the wind.

Your stale arguments were devoured by our wolves.

Your misplaced facts were burned under the Light of the Moon.


And your Energy was uninvited.

And your English, and your grammar, and your Rules

were buried in the blood soaked soil of our Ancestors.


And your tradition was swallowed by our Great Mother.

And nothing was returned.

And nothing was received.


Your Mother cried out, “Father please Help”

And Our Father sent Messages and Signs.


He sent the voices.

He sent the motion.

He sent the Numbers.

He sent the Fire.

He sent every Light.

And they are still coming.


We cried out, with our feet planted to the ground.

We have fed.

And we are full.


Tap. Tap. Tap.


I hope you brought your glasses.

Because He said



Have you seen this Light?

That burns out 

and shrivels darkness;

and the eyes of the Truthless who dare to take a peek.


With the Light on, Nothing can hide from you Now.

With our tears washing away the past and the pain

nothing can stop US now.


Tap. Tap. Tap.


This isn’t torture

This is Transmutation.


Open your Eyes Lovely

And see the change you’ve Created.

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